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AFNS Registration 2024 , Admission, Tests, Jobs, And Salary

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Women empowerment has been one of the significant trends of the 21st century. we can see that women have been participating in different departments equal to men. When it comes to armed services, the first questions arise in our minds whether females have the ability to serve as nation’s women. Of course, women had and have been serving in different armed forces of Pakistan.

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There are several services available for a woman in the Pakistan army among which armed forces nursing service is an amazing opportunity you can avail. Women across Pakistan can join the Pakistan army as armed forces nurses.

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Armed forces nursing service also known as AFNS provides particular benefits along with the salary different than other army officers get. For example, medical facilities and accommodation, etc. So, if you are one of the willing women to join the Pakistan army as an armed forces nurse, just go through it and have an accurate guideline.

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Armed Forces Nursing Service Ranks

AFNS is a permanent job. Therefore, you would be rewarded ranks of the Pakistan army.

If you apply for a BSc in Nursing, you will go through a four-year training, and then, you will be awarded the rank of lieutenant. Remember, there is a 10-year-service bond Also, you can join the army by getting a commission through AFNS – General Nursing Course. For this purpose, there will be General Nursing Training at different Combined Military Hospitals (CMH) for 3 years.

After completion of your course, you will be awarded the rank of lieutenant. Remember, there is a 5-year-service bond.

If you apply for the trained nurse, then, you will go through a four-week basic military training, and then, you will be awarded the rank of lieutenant.

In short, the first rank would be Lieutenant, the second rank Captain, the third rank Major, and up to Brigadier.

Armed Forces Nursing Service jobs

AFNS job is a very prestigious job for women in the Pakistan army. Job at AFNS brings you a new career that is not only permanent but also bright. Nursing at the civil hospital may not have that respect which you will get in AFNS. When you are given identification, respect, and a good career, what else would you require of your career? AFNS Job is advertised once a year and has three major categories.

BSc Nursing: 

  • You need to pass your matriculation with 60% marks and F. Sc (pre-medical) with a minimum of 50%.
  • You would apply for the advertised job and will go through a commission.
  • After your selection, you will get training of 4 years at different military hospitals in Pakistan.
  • You will be awarded the rank of lieutenant initially when you complete your 4 years of training.
  • You would be serving for a minimum of 10 years if you join as BSc nursing (AFNS).

Of course, this career is the dream of most women in Pakistan.

General Nursing Course:

  • you can join AFNS through General Nursing Course.
  • You would need to go through the initial test and interview.
  • You should have 55% marks in matriculation (Science) and 50% marks in F. Sc (pre-medical)
  • After you get selected, you will get the training of 3 years at different combined military hospitals.
  • You will be awarded the rank of lieutenant.
  • You would have to serve for a minimum of three years because of the service bond.

Indeed, this is going to shine your future.

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Trained Nurse:

  • You can also join AFNS if you have already done BSc General Nursing, Post (RN) BSc Nursing, Nursing Diploma, and Midwifery from different institutes of Pakistan.
  • You will go through a four-week basic military training at AFPGMI Rawalpindi and CMH Kharian after you get selected.
  • As you join, you would be awarded the rank of lieutenant.

No doubt, this can change your lifestyle.

Above are all three different categories of AFNS jobs. You would be lieutenant at the end of all these types of courses.

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Armed Forces Nursing Service salary

There are different salary packages of AFNS according to PayScale you have. It starts from Rs 22,700 to Rs 365,00 that is the lowest to highest averages. You will have an increment in your salary after announcements in budgets, and after you promote to senior ranks during your service.

Armed Forces Nursing Service Registration

  • For getting yourself registered against the vacancies, you can register yourself online on their official website or you can apply through AR&SCs in different cities of Pakistan.
  • You would be notified about the test date and timings through your email.
  • When you appear in the initial test, you should have taken out computerized roll no slip prior.
  • You should have good computer skills to avoid any inconvenience.
  • You would bring the following documents on the day of the initial test:
    • Original and attested marks sheets and certificates of matriculation and intermediate.
    • NOC for employed candidates.
    • Attested domicile’s copy.
    • Attested CNIC’s copy.
    • 3 back and front attested passport-size photographs.
  • You need to submit the fee of the prospectus on the day of the test.

Armed Forces Nursing Service Test

Well, the test for AFNS is divided into two parts: Initial and Interview.


The initial test further contains 3 more portions.

  1. Verbal test
  2. Non-verbal test
  3. Academic test

Verbal test:

This test is held to check your verbal understanding of things and concepts. There are 85 to 90 MCQs and you would be given a thirty-minute timespan to solve these MCQs.

Non-verbal test:

The non-verbal test is the second test of your selection process. It testifies whether you have language processing problems or not. You would go through 85 to 90 questions within 30 minutes.

Academic test:

This test is all about your academics for example English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, world GK, Pakistan, and Islamic studies. You should prepare them through books available at the market. Indeed, these are the key areas of the academic test.


Once you pass the initial exam, you will be shortlisted for an interview. Take care of your dressing. Do not wear dark colors instead wear light ones. Just calm down and think about the dignity you will get. This will help you stay confident.

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Join Pakistan Army as Armed Forces Nursing Service

Anyone who desires to join the Pakistan army as a nurse can join through AFNS. You would be given much prestige. You will get a chance to cure the heroes of the nation during war. This is an amazing chance for all the women who want themselves independent in their life, and want to help their families. Nursing at any other place may not give a woman the respect which she can get serving in the Pakistan army.

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    1. I have completed four years training and working in a govt hosp but i want to join pak army I have already applied for two times but not selected for interview my height is 5 feet..kindly Inform me about 2022vacancies

  3. I have completed four years training and working in a govt hosp but i want to join pak army I have already applied for two times but not selected for interview my height is 5 feet..kindly Inform me about 2022vacancies

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