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MDCAT Online Preparation 2024 – Practice Questions, MCQ’s & Exam Tips!

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The Medical and Dental College admission test (MDCAT) is a test taken every year by PMDC Islamabad for the colleges recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC). The test is valid for one year.

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To prepare it well, you have to go through Online MDCAT entry test preparation, prepare all the MDCAT syllabus, and manage all the syllabus best with the time management strategies.

This article will tell you some general information about MDCAT, online MDCAT test preparation tips and techniques, and some websites that will help you out preparing for MDCAT.

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General information about MDCAT

Well, to know a bit about the MDCAT entry test, let us have a look at it.

  • Paper pattern: This MDCAT test consists of 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which are divided into four parts
    • Biology (68MCQs) 
    • Chemistry (56MCQs) 
    • Physics (56MCQs) 
    • English (General for language proficiency containing 20 MCQs)
    • Logical Reasoning 10MCQs
  • Validity: MDCAT is valid just for two years after the students attempt it. Students will reattempt it if the mentioned period expires.
  • Eligibility: The students of Punjab, the capital Islamabad, and Gilgit Baltistan can apply for the seats reserved for them. Overseas Pakistanis and dual nationality holders can also take this test provided that they have passed SAT
  • Age limit: As per the Pakistan Medical Comission rule, no age limit is set so far.

Tips to prepare

Now, as you move on, you will see the tips and tricks that would prepare you best for MDCAT, but you must keep three attempts of preparation.

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In the first attempt, it is seen that 300 MCQs out of 200 are easy. Hence, it would be best to prepare these in the beginning. Remember to attempt all questions as there is no negative marking.

In the second attempt, go for the intermediate-level questions that might seem a bit difficult to you. Just go for them and prepare it a creative way.

In the third attempt, go for all those tough areas that seem difficult to you. Just have them well in your mind and revise all the syllabus that you covered before.

Now let us see the best tips that you may need for MDCAT 2023 test preparation.

  • Perseverance and strong motivation
  • Take accurate guidance
  • Improve your weaknesses
  • Set your timetable
  • Use online MDCAT entry test preparation resources
  • Practice last five-year papers
  • Keep yourself Calm and relax

1. Perseverance and strong motivation

No achievement is ever made without perseverance and motivation. You have to make your habit and routines consistent and regular. The one who will go through all his preparation attempts with perseverance will get the best rewards for it. You might have seen that plenty of intelligent students remained just because they were not perseverant. In contrast, a bundle of average students has qualified because their small and consistent efforts made them victorious. Thereby, you have to ensure your perseverance for the best results.

Also, watch the success stories available online for MDCAT that boost your energies every day to work harder than hard.

2. Take accurate guidance

Before you prepare, you must find proper guidance to be on the exact track. Mostly, students fail to prepare well because they have not found proper guidance. So, it would be better to meet the one who has successfully experienced it or go for Online MDCAT preparation experts.

3. Improve your weaknesses

Once you have gained the proper way to prepare and attempt, you must find your weaknesses. For example, a student might be weak in a particular subject or lack the skills to attempt and solve the paper. So, it is going to be a very secure measure if one finds and improves his weaknesses.

4. Set your timetable

Even if you look at the universe, the universe and its system are bound to follow the timetable through which different changes come in the environment. Therefore, everyone should know the importance of a timetable. Make a proper timetable with respect to time and syllabus to gain strong chance of success. Remember to keep an essential time for revision so that things always remain clear.

5. Use online MDCAT preparation resources

A good idea is to use online MDCAT entry test preparation platforms that provide a similar environment as a mock exam. The Students who intend to prepare online MDCAT have to visit online MDCAT preparation websites that will not only give them the best preparation but will also train them for real exams to be held later. We will provide some useful websites in the later section.

6. Practice past papers

One of the best ways to get insights into any exam is to study last year’s papers. You should prepare past papers, note down any important questions, and attempt as if you are attempting the real one. Well, you can find these papers online or from a shop. This will not only help you in improving the content of the exam but will also help you deal with time management.

7. Keep yourself Calm and relax

Always keep yourself calm and positive. Believe in your God and work hard to get your desired goals. Students sometimes go through tough mental situations in the form of depression and anxiety.They should always be emotionally intelligent not only in exams but in all the fields of life.  Exercise positive things and meet positive thinkers. Discuss your daily activities with the ones who buck you up but not with those who degrade.

Best websites for MDCAT entry test preparation

Here, you will see some paid or free online MDCAT preparation websites to help you out preparing online.

  • TopGrade (Paid): This provides a variety of entry tests to help students prepare online.
  • EntryTestMcqs (free): It is a free website that is considered the best. If you commit a mistake, it displays a cross sign. This website provides more than 400 MCQs that are quite enough for preparation.
  • GoTest (free): This website also provides a lot of MCQs for MCAT for different subjects like Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • GeekMCQ (free): This website provides a simple way of preparation by giving MCQs and their answers.

And, if you are having trouble finding a teacher or have a language barrier, then is here for you. They will help you in the best way for your MDCAT test preparation. That’s all from our end for you and I hope we helped you and motivated you for your coming MDCAT exam!

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    1. Hey! you can register yourself on the pmc register website just type pmc registration 2021. There is a user guide provided on the lower side of the page

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    1. Assalamualaikum!
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