NUMS Entry Test 2024

NUMS Entry Test 2024

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National University of medical sciences conducts an entry test for all the medical colleges affiliated with NUMS.

The desiring students are selected through the NUMS entry test for their medical studies, such as MBBS and BDS, in different colleges across Pakistan.

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Well, most of the students worry about the difficulty level of NUMS. To explain this, it would be tough to say that the NUMS entry test is tough or easy.

Indeed, it is easy for those who believe in hard and smart work and challenging those who believe in chance but not hard work. Every exam has a criterion that states a portion that is easy to attempt and difficult to attempt.

The easy portion is designed for average students to attempt, whereas the tough one is to declare the top positions. We would suggest you prepare fully for the NUMS entry test because you will appear in a type of competitive exam that will select the students for medical studies.

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Students of F. Sc(pre-medical) worry about their future where they have to go through NUMS or any other medical entrance test to qualify for MBBS or BDS studies. Now, if you are one of the candidates desiring NUMS entry test awareness, this will be a wonderful place to know NUMS and start taking steps accordingly.

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Eligibility Criteria

Following are the points that will tell you all the requirements to follow before registering for the NUMS entry test.

  • Any student who secured 60% marks in intermediate/F. Sc can apply for the NUMS entry test
  • Also, the student needs to have 60% marks in his matriculation
  • Candidates should have a domicile of Pakistan
  • Local certificate owners of Baluchistan can apply too
  • O/A level students can also apply
  • The O/A level students have to show an IBCC certificate which stands for Inter Board Committee of Chairman.
  • Overseas Pakistanis and others can also apply for open merit seats in Public or private medical and dental colleges.

All these criteria must be filled in when you want to appear in the NUMS entry test. Discarding the above requirements may move you towards failure in the attempt.

Test Pattern

The test pattern of the National University of Medical Sciences is divided into

 4 categories: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry, and English. These are the core areas that can not only estimate the student’s command on his subject but also identifies the core areas for a student to prepare in advance for. After you know about the core areas of the NUMS entry test, you should burn the midnight oil to perform the best in the test.

Remember, these areas indicate the basics. You should know that choosing MBBS or BDS would heavily require you to have a strong command of the subjects mentioned above. Preparing them will make you ready for the NUMS entry test and make you prepared for advanced topics. We would always suggest you not leave a single subject on a compromise in these core ones, but prepare them in the best way.

Following are the four subjects with their ratio of testing, which will determine your position in medical colleges.

  • Biology (70 marks)
  • Chemistry (45 marks)
  • Physics (45 marks)
  • English (20 marks)

There are 180 marks in the NUMS entry test, and the time allowed for the NUMS entry test is 3 hours. The best thing about the NUMS entry test is that it does not carry negative marking, so don’t leave a single question; attempt all.

This would be the best strategy to go first for all such questions about which you are 100% sure, and then go for unsure questions as there is no negative marking..

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Another important point about the NUMS entry test is the way of attempting MCQs. Different people follow different tips and tricks. What we suggest you is the “finding of incorrect answers first.”. Remember, you will have one correct answer among all.

So, reject the choice that seems to be irrelevant first of all. This will help you chose the correct answer. If you move for the correct answer first, you may get confused among two choices which will always confuse you. Therefore, go for the most inappropriate choices first, where you will be left with a high probability of an appropriate answer.

Fee Structure

There are different fee structures for private and public colleges. There are only two public colleges affiliated with the National University of Medical Sciences: The Army Medical College Rawalpindi and Federal Medical and Dental College Islamabad. The rest of the colleges affiliated with NUMS are private.

Public College Fee Structure

1.Army Medical College: 

There is no fee for Army medical college. However, the medical cadets get a scholarship of Rs 30,000 every month, whereas paying cadets have to pay Rs 18,000. These do not include any other additional charges.

2.Federal Medical and Dental College

The fee for Federal Medical and Dental College is Rs 30,00 per year. Remember, this does not include any additional charges.

Private College Fee Structure

Here is the list that will aware you of private medical colleges which are affiliated with NUMS.

  • CMH, Lahore Medical College, Lahore
  • Combined institute of medical sciences, Multan
  • CMH Bahawalpur Medical College, Bahawalpur
  • Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences, Quetta
  • Islamabad Medical College, Islamabad
  • Yusra Medical colleges, Islamabad
  • Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences, Malir Cantt
  • Wah Medical College, Wah Cantt
  • CMH Kharian Medical college
  • HITEC of Institute of Medical Sciences, Taxila

Following is the list that will give you a detailed understanding of the fee structure of private colleges.

  • Admission Fee=RS, 50,000
  • Tuition fee=RS, 950,000
  • Registration Fee=Rs, 10,000
  • PMDC Registration Fee =Rs, 10,000
  • Document verification fee=Rs, 3,000
  • Examination Fee =Rs,7,500
  • Medical Charges=Rs, 5,000
  • Sports Charges =Rs,10,000
  • Transport Charges =Rs,5,000
  • Graduation Fee=Rs, 15,000
  • Continue Critical Thinking =Rs,25,000
  • Library Charges =Rs,10,000
  • Government Tax=Rs, 55.025
  • Total (1st year MBBS) fee=Rs, 1,155,525

Remember, you will need to submit the following documents If you want to take admission at Private Medical Colleges. These documents have no concern with your studies but with your guardian, who is going to support you financially. The documents are listed below.

  • Wealth statement of the parent, equivalent to the tuition fee of the complete course.
  • Income tax returns
  • Insurance certificate

These documents ensure that you will not have financial problems during the study at a particular medical college.

Important test and registration dates

It is essential to know about the test date and registration dates of the National University of Medical Sciences’ entry test. Unfortunately, a lot of students remain unaware of the test because of which they cannot appear. Here, we will tell you the test and registration dates of the NUMS entry test 2024.

Online Registration: The online registration date for the NUMS entry test is expected on Saturday, August 28, 2024, and will end almost a month later.

Follow the above test dates to prepare well for your entry test. In addition, these dates will give you an idea of estimation for managing your studies and managing finance if you appear in a private college.

Test centers

There are several test centers in Pakistan, but we would recommend you choose the center that best fits your location and health. First of all, your center should be near your city to make your presence available at a very low cost, and if you are living in the city of the test center, then all is fine. 

Most of the time, strange cities may confuse you or nervous you before your exam. Secondly, some students have a health issue with the weather or temperature of the city they choose for their test. Therefore, they may never survive well if they choose an inappropriate center. Sometimes, some students cannot bear warm temperatures, whereas some students cannot bear cold weather. So, it is up to you the way you choose your center that stands very feasible under your health and nature.

Here are some of the test centers that can give you a brief idea for appearing in the NUMS entry test.

  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Multan
  • Peshawar
  • Karachi
  • Gilgit
  • Abbottabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Bahawalpur
  • Sargodha
  • Quetta
  • Sukkur
  • Muzaffarabad

So, choose among these test centers that remain feasible tremendously in all aspects.

How to register for NUMS Entry Test Online?

  • For the NUMS test, click the “NUMS-MDCAT & Aptitude Test” to get registered and fill the Application Form. Please apply using a laptop or desktop only. Registration using a mobile phone may not assist you well.
  • After registration, log in MDCAT Registration Portal to fill the application form (Personal &Academic information, etc.) and download the fee challan.
  • you are required to visit the nearest branch of Habib Bank Ltd (countrywide) to deposit in cash MDCAT Fee @ Rs 3000/
  • you would be required to scan and attach the following documents with the Online Application Form
  •  1) CNIC/Form B/Passport/NICOP
  •  2) Passport size latest photograph with the blue background.
  •  3) Matric or equivalence certificate and transcript.
  •  4) F. Sc or equivalence certificate and transcript.
  •  5) Paid Copy of Fee Challan.
  • After completing the application form and attaching the required scanned copies, please click the “Final Submit” button to submit your application form.

Instructions for preparing NUMS Entry Test

As discussed earlier, there are mainly four portions of the NUMS entry test. The first one is Biology, with 70 multiple questions out of 180. This is the essential part. Scoring high here will give a bonus in total marks. Therefore, go through your textbook thoroughly or buy a preparation guide/capsule. 

The second one is the chemistry portion, with 45 multiple-choice questions out of 180. This is, too, important for passing the NUMS entry test. Chemistry has a strong relationship with biology in different aspects. So, prepare this well not only to get good marks but also to strengthen your basics. 

The third part is the Physics portion. Usually, students do not take this seriously, but it also contains an equivalent part, just like Chemistry contains. The 45 multiple-choice questions out of 180 questions will ask you for the two core areas of Physics: theory and numerical. Prepare both and have a strong command of physics so that you save most of your time without thinking too much about numerical.

The last part is the English part. This portion contains 20 multiple-choice questions out of 180. This portion mainly tests your understanding of the English language in the form of comprehension or correction of sentences etc., read, write, listen, and speak every day. Practice corrections as much as possible so that you stay active and satisfied in the test center.

Last but not least, all you need is smart work for NUMS entry test preparation at all times. Don’t ever go for lengthy ways that waste a great amount of your precious time.

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