NUMS Syllabus 2024

NUMS Syllabus 2024 [Download PDF]

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Here is The NUMS Syllabus for the Nums Entry test 2024. Here is the new updated syllabus.

Hey, You Can also Download NUMS Syllabus in PDF Format. National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Released Entry Test Syllabus for the year.

More Than 30,000 Students Appear NUMS Entry Test. NUMS Syllabus Clearly defines the Paper scheme.

I want to mention here that NUMS Syllabus is changed, Most of the Websites on the internet sharing outdated information about the NUMS Entry Test Syllabus, So beware of that. Last time the same happened with¬†MDCAT Syllabus 2024 and we don’t want that to happen with NUMS.

This is also the ultimate syllabus for army medical college.

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NUMS Entry Test Syllabus

Here is the updated and Latest NUMS Syllabus. This has complete information about Physics, Chemistry, Biology As well as English.

This is also the ultimate Syllabus for MBBS as Well BDS. According to Pakistan Medical Research Council, NUMS Syllabus is changed for 2024.

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You can download the PDF syllabus by clicking the below button.

Nums Biology Syllabus

Here is the NUMS Syllabus for Biology.

nums syllabus biology page 1

Nums Chemistry Syllabus

NUMS entry test syllabus for Chemistry’s here.

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NUMS Syllabus chemistry
nums chemistry 2019 syllabus part 2

Nums Physics Syllabus

Here Is the complete physics syllabus of the National University of Medical Sciences, for you

NUMS Entry Test Syllabus
NUMS Syllabus 2019

Nums English Syllabus

In Nums Entry test English portion will be tricky. Prepare NUMS English MCQS According to Latest NUMS Syllabus.

PDF  NUMS Syllabus

Here you can also download NUMS Syllabus in PDF Format as well.

This is a complete nums syllabus with an online view as well PDF And Image view. Still, you Have any questions Regarding Nums Entry Test ask here.


Nums Entry Test Question type is a Multiple choice questions. Each Question has 4 Multiple Choice, you should tick the best one. Here i will guide you about Nums MCQs preparation.

Here is NUMS Mcqs Distribution.

  • Total 180 Mcqs in NUMS
  • Physics 45 Mcqs
  • 45 Chemistry Mcqs
  • 70 Biology Mcqs
  • 20 English Mcqs

Nums Entry test multiple choice questions are a bit tricky. Biology Portion is easy if you prepare from the nums preparation book. These Books are available in the market as well as in the market.

Focus NUMS Syllabus.All topics from Punjab textbook board books. Some Nums topic is present in Federal board books.

Nums Mcqs Book is best for preparation, the reason is that has all Punjab textbook board as well as federal books Multiple choice questions.

For Best Practice solve NUMS Past Papers, it will give you a clear concept about Nums Entry Test Actual Paper.

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  1. When will nums mdcat registration begin with their deadline.
    Also what is the procedure for applying?
    Can nums mdcat be conducted overseas or is it only limited to pakistan?